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Since 1997, US Insurance Audit Services has been quietly leading the industry in high-quality virtual, telephone, and internet premium audit services for insurance providers. US Insurance Audit Services is a PAAS subscriber.

Based in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, our company was founded by Don Bragg, a veteran auditor and regional audit manager for a top-ranked US insurer. Inspired by the possibilities that developing technology offered to a rapidly changing industry, we were among the first to provide telephone and internet premium audits at a time when physical audits were still the norm.

From the beginning, our philosophy has been simple: to be the best virtual, telephone, and internet premium audit service for the insurance industry. From our market-leading accuracy and reliability ratings to our highly trained auditing and support staff, we’ve earned a reputation we’re committed to preserving and a level of quality that’s difficult to match.

Just ask any of our clients. From top-10 national insurance companies to regional carriers to specialty risk insurers, our clients count on us for audits to be done right the first time and to deliver accurate data efficiently and fully.

Contact us today and let us demonstrate why we continue to be the quality name in voluntary premium audits.

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